Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I hate fax machines. Am I alone?

Just had to send off a signed something-or-other via fax. Fax machines just...bug me. I've faxed things before, but this never stops me from staring quizzically at the mostly-beige buttons until a kindly secretary pops over and explains to me patiently: the paper goes into the machine and you dial a number. The machine will proceed to make frightening noises and eat the paper. The paper reemerges, both here and *somewhere else in the universe*. The machine then gives birth to a confirmation page and everything's over.

I just don't trust these strange electronic creatures. I like email. I like computers. I've come to tolerate cell-phones (yes, I know, I'm weird, I'm Generation Double-Z or something and we're all supposed to have super-dextrous thumbs from all the txt-msgs we snd 2 r palz lol). I can even handle scanners. I deal with technology every day, and I am actually a pretty intuitive and confident person around things that go beep. But faxes are just barely before my time - I never really saw them in their heydey (did they have a heydey?), but they're still everywhere. And thus they bug me.

My opinion of faxes has not been improved by the fact that the fax machine and I never made it to the confirmation page step in this case. Apparently the fax line is busy, so I get to wait a while and then try again. At least this time I'll be able to push "send" all by myself like the big kids.

I will stop playing on blogger and go do real work now. I swear.



Anonymous said...

You are not alone.

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The Fax Fix

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