Friday, February 16, 2007


Hey all - this is hopefully my first lasting incarnation in the blogosphere.

Cards on the table: I'm an environmentalist feminist newly-vegetarian travel-obsessed bisexual student who recently moved from Cold State to Hot State for a PhD in Useless Science. One of my current interests is further cultivating my writing, and a blog seems like a good way to start. Expect public-sphere posts on topics such as feminism, conservation, issues in academia, GLBT rights, lots of nerd news, and miscellanous raves/rants. Personal posts will probably focus on the ups and downs of the long-distance relationship currently being maintained with The Boyfriend, the self-obsessed trials of being a pre-Ph.D. student, and the random misadventures that come with being most of the things listed above.

At the moment I'll probably be posting lots of "late to the game" news, since my inspiration for starting this has been reading some of the excellent feminist and academic blogs out there (Feministe, Feministing, Bitch Ph.D., Jenny F. Scientist, I mean you!) and wanting to take part in the discussion with these wonderfully well-spoken women!

Now the only challenge is to coax readers over here (which admittedly will be easier once I've actually, you know, WRITTEN something). I'd offer cookies, but I'm a famously hapless cook. I'll start with this general offer, which will extend until enough people guess right. I'll award...something (I dunno, a hearty congratulations?) anyone who knows the origin of my blog's title!

Hopefully this project has staying power - I'll be back again soon!

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