Saturday, March 31, 2007

*dance of coding triumph*

I have just written a long and hairy computer program...

And it compiled! And worked! ON THE VERY FIRST TRY!!!

Take THAT, Evil-Archaic-Language-From-Hell!

I am one of the only grad students in the immediate vicinity who knows how to program - thus, in need of someone with which to share my triumph, I turn to the Internets. (whether it's programming or doing that fancy long-named bio benchwork that usually sounds way cooler than any of my research*, I'm sure you all understand the first-and-only-try brand of excitement).

*dance dance dance*...

*Biochem friend: "I have to run a poly-trans-methyl-thissy-thatty-whoserface-iptase this afternoon. What are you up to?" Elli: "Poking a computer."

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